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6th April, 2005. 12:48 am.

My Balonie has a first name its O S C A R

My Balonie has a second name its M A Y E R

I love to eat it every day

and if you ask me why i'll say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cause Oscar Mayer has a way with bologna!

Current mood: amused.

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15th February, 2005. 8:42 pm. Tickets...

I got tickets to go see a musical this week end.


My mother said I had to bring some one with me.

does any one want to go?

Current mood: calm.

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12th January, 2005. 12:09 pm.

Who stuck the bottle of KY in my school bag? What am I supposed to do with this?

Dose any one wnat it?

Current mood: awake.

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5th December, 2004. 12:19 pm. >_



Current mood: aggravated.

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28th November, 2004. 8:21 am. O.O

O.O kitty ran away! My cat ran away after I promised my mom I would take really good care of her. -.- I don't know when she got out... no wait I do.
I only left the house for like a second to take the trash out and I think I might have left the door WIDE open. *bangs head on desk* I want my mom to think I'm responsible... so if I don't find her soon, o.0 She'll treat me like a baby for ever! *shutter*

I need to go post signs... -.-

Current mood: distressed.

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23rd October, 2004. 7:52 am.

What is a "wigwag"? Cause aperantly its broken. And aperantly your not supposed to dump soap on the kichen floor and go sliding around on your socks. And then slide inot the washing machine. Cause it does more harm to the machine. I managed to get away with a borken arm. Which got me out of the huge amount of trouble I was in for breaking the wigwag. I didn't even know the wigwag was a real thing.. I thought he was messing with me.

I got away with a broken arm but I still have the memory *-*

(Occ: A wigwag is an actual art of a standard washing machine. It looks kind of like a prapellor... I know cause I actually broke it o.o)

Current mood: accomplished.

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25th August, 2004. 9:12 am. 0.o


I hate being bored, Its a drag. Mom says if I don't go out and do something, shes going to sign me up for some camp or something. Baseball camp. I can barly play tennis and she wants me to play baseball? With the guy througing a ha rd ball at your face and you only having a thin little stick to protect yourself. And by some mirical of a chance you hit the ball with the "Stick" then you have to run like a bat out of hell to little hunks of plastic in the ground, trying to aviod being hit by more balls, or tackled by players from the other team who are much, MUCH bigger than you.

I tried explaining this to my mom but she didn't by it.

Mom's really suck sometimes.

Current mood: crappy.

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6th July, 2004. 12:32 pm. o.o


I hate Bugs.. They like to bite me. I'm covered in bug bites from the camping trip dad took me on. And they itch like crasy.


Current mood: ichy.

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14th June, 2004. 11:08 pm.

I got a hamster. I don't know what to name it. Its kind of chubby and white and has red eyes. Mom says that its an Albino. He has one of those balls, that you put him in and he rolls around on the floor. He also has this wheel that he runs in so he doesn't get to fat.

I think I'm getting fat. I ate a whole box of dougnuts the other day. I need to go on a diet. I'll start tod---- marrow... I think I'm only going to eat green things... or maybe lowfat... or some thing. I hate yogart.


Current mood: hungry.

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2nd May, 2004. 12:17 pm. -.-

I hate English class. Every thing is always back wards. Every sentence is writen backwards. And then they have all those words that sound the same but mean 6 different things. Its not fair that we have to take it. >.<
I bet Echizen doesn't have problems in English. He's good at every thing. Oh well..

What ever was in the club house it gone now. I guess Sengoku-senpai did a good job of getting rid of it. I wonder if it was an an animal or something. Like a raccoon, or a squirl. Means I'll have to run around and close all the windows after practice. -.-

My mom said that I could get a pet. I think I'm going to get a dog. Or maybe a Cat, Or a rabbit, I don't know. Maybe what was ever in the club house wiull come back and I can take that home. It was kinda big.. what every it was.

I wan't icecream.. o.o

Current mood: giggly.

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